Accompanied Showings Hinder Real Estate Sales


For those that do not live and breathe selling Real Estate every day you may not realize what the term “accompanied showing” means. This little piece of Real Estate jargon is when the buyer’s agent is required to meet the listing agent when showing a home or other property.


When I am getting ready to schedule all the properties I am going to show for a particular day the last thing I want to see in the showing instructions is that the listing agent has to be present so please coordinate your schedule accordingly. This is almost as bad as the home seller that makes it a requirement they have twenty four hours’ notice before a Realtor can enter their home.


Thankfully we do not have accompanied showing in Arizona all that frequently. This is certainly not the case all states.  In Massachusetts it has becomes more and more common and in some other cities around the country.


Frankly an accompanied showing is a waste of a listing agent’s time and does nothing to enhance the home sale process.


There is a long standing misconception amongst some people that Realtors “sell homes”. It may come as a surprise but I have rarely ever “sold” a home in this sense of the word to any client I have ever worked with. Homes are an emotional purchase. Buying a home is not something a Realtor talks somebody into doing. Realtors can be give advice and provide helpful information but homes sell themselves.


In the years that I have been selling Real Estate there is one commonality when a buyer enters a home they like. There is an emotional reaction and you can see it in a person’s body language and facial reactions.  There are times when a buyer walks into a home you can just feel that it is a match and they will end up putting in an offer. This scenario occurs because of human emotions and attachment. It has almost nothing to do with a sales pitch.


I have never talked someone into buying a property.


Occasionally some sellers believe if a buyer does not notice some feature about the property and it is not pointed out by the Realtor, it would cause the sale not to ever occur. Sorry this is not the case. Pointing out the nitty gritty is not a difference maker to most home buyers.


The fancy Bose sound system, beveled edges on the granite counters, and cherry inlay surrounding the Maple floors will not be the reason for someone buying a home. Even in million dollar homes that have every conceivable feature and amenity, it is not the listing agent waving a red flag in front of a buyer’s face that is going to seal the deal. Emotion sells, people do not, at least not in Real Estate.  This is why decluttering and removing as much of the seller’s personal items are so important.  Buyers want to see themselves in the home, not the seller.


While the need for accompanied showings is rare they can actually be a detriment to the seller. We use lock boxes here in Arizona for a reason! A lock box allows a Realtor to easily gain access to a property without hindrance.


Accompanied Showing Scheduling Conflicts


When a seller requires an accompanied showing they are now adding the possibility of scheduling conflicts.


If I have to try and coordinate my buyer’s schedule with another Realtors, the possibility exists there will be a missed showing for the seller. Ever showing that a seller doesn’t have is a missed opportunity!


If more Realtors educated seller’s on why accompanied showings are a big mistake, instead of worrying that they won’t get the listing without complying with the seller’s demands, sellers would put themselves in better position to make a sale.


If sellers could actually be a fly on the wall and hear some of the things I have heard coming out of a listing agent’s mouth at an accompanied showing they may think twice of the value in it. Things like “here is the kitchen”. Really? Thank god your here I may not have been able to figure that out on my own if there was not a dishwasher, stove and cabinets! Thanks for being here to guide me. This may sound funny but I am being totally serious. There is no value in this.


Buyers Agents/Buyers Do Not Want the Listing Agent Present


Based on my experience most buyers and their Realtors do not want a listing agent at a showing.


This is akin to the person who goes out looking for a car and is immediately attacked in the lot by the salesmen who probably has not had a sale in a week. When a listing agent follows you around the house like a puppy dog it creates an uncomfortable atmosphere where the buyer cannot speak freely about the property with their own agent.


It can actually become unbearable if the listing agent is giving a hard sell. Buyers absolutely despise this kind of atmosphere when they are trying to look at a property. It may be only slightly better than the seller being there and doing the same.


As a compromise to the seller who really feels it is imperative to have an accompanied showing, I would suggest it happens if there is a 2nd showing and only if the buyer does not care if the listing agent is present. A second showing of course is a pretty good indicator that there could be more than just casual interest. The buyer’s interest level should be confirmed by speaking with the buyers Realtor. Some buyers at this point may not have a problem with the listing agent being there especially if there are some unanswered questions.

Remember Real Estate is a numbers game. Don’t let an accompanied showing get in the way of selling your home.